Friday, March 21, 2014

The Wedding is over,

and  the honeymoon is never going to end.  I have completed the marriage of the shirt and skirt and now the two have become one.  Here are photos of some of the process.  I had to turn the skirt upside down and apply the bottom of the skirt to the near bottom of the shirt since it was the wider part of the skirt.  The collar was removed from the shirt.  I added bias binding to the cut edge and sewed it very neatly by hand. This formed the part that slips over my head.  I added pockets, ties, and hemmed the apron.  I have four pockets which will carry a myriad of things, including my phone.

Blogger was very persistent in trying to post my photos the way it wanted to.  And guess what?  I let it have its way in some of these photos.
well-worn denim skirt
Waistband removed from skirt
Well-worn denim shirt ready to cut
sleeves removed from shirt
Skirt and shirt sewn together
Finished apron  (voila)


  1. Hi, Carol. This is much too classy for an apron! Also enjoyed seeing your journal pages which are exquisite.
    best, nadia

    1. Thanks Nadia. Sorry I am just responding. My blog time has become so limited lately since I have been journaling. I love the apron.

  2. This is really lovely Carol, you did a great job.