Friday, November 23, 2012

And the "Winner " is

Miss. Debra.   Yes, it is an umbrella.  Now, where it is is still in the working. My initial intention was to make an umbrella quilt.  The look of water came in when I was looking for a background for the umbrella.  My thought was sky, but after putting it together I realized that the fabric really looked like water.  The pattern was drawn several years ago.  As I was organizing I found it among all my drawings and could not resist the urge to enlarge the pattern and make it.  As I was auditioning fabrics for the stripes I wanted in the umbrella I found my strip sets I had sewn when I was doing busy work.  You know when you just want to sew and do mindless work.  This is when I sew strip sets for future projects.  When designing the pattern I imagined paper piecing the strips,but why go to the trouble if all you have to do is lay the pattern down on the strip set and cut away. I was going to share the original pattern, but my camera and computer would not work together for some reason.  I will share a picture of the design hopefully tomorrow in my next post.  Miss Debbie, you must e-mail me your snail mail address so I can get the  card to you. I wanted to post a picture of the prize, but everything is working against me in the downloading department.  Will try again tomorrow.

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