Sunday, July 8, 2012

God has strengthened me

during the month of June.  I've learned to trust God more and to believe in His hand of mercy as He leads and guides me through my adversities.  Sometimes things happen to us and we are led to not even keep on discussing it or bringing it up.  This is where faith comes in.  I do not feel the need to discuss what really happened, but, I do want to say God brought me through and He can do the same for you. 
I used to cry a lot, but since I've become a caregiver I cannot afford to fall apart and lay on my bed sobbing.  I have a lot of responsibility that I choose to attend to rather than  feeling sorry for my self.  All praises go to God for His unfailing mercies He extends to each of us.
I thank God for putting love in my heart so I'm able to give as needed to others.  Thought I'd share a zentangle that has hearts that represent love.
Have a good day and a safe summer.