Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I am so ashamed because I had completely forgotten

that some anonymous commenters had some negative things to say and I had to set my comments so that I could decide which ones to publish and had forgotten that I had done this a while ago.  Please accept my apology and continue to follow and comment. I will make it my business to check every morning when I turn on the computer to seen if there are comments.  It is a shame when some people don't know how to respect other peoples ideas, decisions and whatever.  I always try to have something good to say when I comment and when I don't have anything good that I can say, I say nothing.  By all means I am not saying that if I leave no comment it's because I am thinking something bad, it's just that sometimes I'm too busy or don't have anything to say. 
Focus Fabric
I've ventured into designing some of my own fabrics using and have been impressed with what I can do.  Here is the first piece that I had printed as a swatch and am deciding whether I'm going to want to start selling on their site or not. 
Please comment on this first piece that I have printed.  Do you think it would sell?
I'd like to give a shout out to Kweli who encouraged me in this area.  THANKS KWELI.
You can also find her beautiful fabrics at this same site. Using their search just type in Kweli.
Companion Print