Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Been working since November

on my new garden for my front yard.  The gophers has reeked havoc in my yard, so I decided to put in a drought tolerent garden with stones and boxes for the plants.  Things are a little crowded since I have been planting since November ,so I'll do a little rearranging and thinning out some plants today.  It is by no means complete.  Each stone weights 39 pounds and I'm surrounding the empty spaces that will be left open with Calico Stones.  I drew up my design and built and painted all of the boxes myself.  Yesterday I received a coupon on line from Home Depot to buy one plant and get one plant free.  Now, that's my kind of shopping, so I got two cactus for the price of one. The picture shows where I am at this time.  I will post a picture of the finished garden, hopefully before the summer arrives .  Then I'll be able to sit back and watch the fruits of my labor.  And keep in mind this garden will be maintenance free once all of the plants settle in.  I must put in a few hours today adding my new cacti and stones, then back to my studio for some sewing.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I'm inclined to "SEW NEW FASHIONS"

in 2012.  Here is my first attempt at sewing my own fashions in years.  I've started with a skirt.  The fabric was one yard and was set aside, because I could not think of what I wanted to use it for.  It was on its way to the Salvation Army when I had this bright idea about making a skirt.  Once the idea was in my head I proceeded to get anxious to make the skirt, when lo and behold the fabric is not wide enough for the one yard pattern I was going to use.  So, back to the drawing board.  I was determined to make a skirt from this some how.  I used the front of a skirt for the back and front.  There was to be only side seams, so I opened the back, serged the seam and folded it back to create a back vent (split) so I could move in it. The fabric is a type of light gabardine with lycra.  Thank God for lycra or there would be no way I could fit this _____ into it.  I folded down about an ample inch, serged the raw edges and pressed in a casing for the elastic.  Oh,yeah I even managed to sew two darts in the front and two in the back which gives it a flare where the waist cinches in.  While browsing http://www.style.com/ and the Banana Republic fashions there was a very close likeness of my skirt.  Wow.  Here I am , in my new look.  All I need is a new sweater set that is navy and white since the one I'm wearing is black and white which in the photo you'd think the skirt was  black and white,  but is a very dark navy.
I had to crop part of the top of my head because "Honey Luv" didn't notice the two hinges that sat right at the top of my head, and I was looking as though I had horns.  I know sometimes I tell him my horns are out, so he may have thought it cute.  However, I cropped them out with part of the top of my head.
Well, I'm about to start on my second look for this year.  Happy Sewing.