Monday, December 19, 2011

Yesterday was my birthday and

I did somethings that I wanted to do, but probably shouldn't have done.
The first thing I did was buy my own "Oreo" birthday cake, and then I went to this Italian restaurant and ordered a 16" Italian sausage pizza with mushrooms and onions.  Now keep in mind I am not supposed to do wheat and glutens since I have an intolerance to them.  Oh, well, I enjoyed it all and am not sorry that I did it.  You don't live but once and sometimes you should live a little dangerously as long as you don't hurt anyone.
This is not a good thing to be telling you, but I must tell someone and I don't think that very many will read this post.  I have repented for my wrongdoings and I go on from this point in my life to my next challenge.
I'm still sorting through projects that need to be put in a proper place and I came upon this felted piece that I hand beaded and embroidered. It is one of the landscapes that I love to draw and work with.  The felt is so easy to needle and it does not ravel so I just cut out the pieces and glued them to the black felt. 
The mandala I did in the last couple of days while watching television.
Well, I must get back to my recycling of brown grocery bags.  I'm making portfolios using them as a foundation for my fabric and scraps to hold my art work and having fun at the same time.  Not to mention being "Green" at the same time.  Hopefully I will share them at my next post.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful holiday - and wish you a blessed new year!

  2. Thanks Sarah for the belated wish, and I'm sorry for not thanking you sooner, but I've a little memory lapse. It was sweet of you.