Wednesday, December 14, 2011

There is a time and a place

for everything.  I know, I've been away for quite sometime now, but I haven't left the blogspot yet.  Nor do I plan to.  I'll try to post more often than I've done in the past, but I cannot guarantee anything.  I must go with the flow of things I have to do according to priority.  The blog is not a high priority on my list at this time, but I love blogging and following other blogs.  Maybe if I spent less time reading other blogs and looky-luing I would have more time for my space.  Enough said about that.
I 've been organizing and cataloging my art work, quilt designs, craft, sewing, and art supplies. 
During the process I ran across some zentangles that I would like to share with you and hope you can get some inspiration from some of the drawings that I will try and post over the next several days.
This piece is called "Zen Lady".

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  1. oooh, i love this Carol...scan it onto fabric and quilt it! or blow it up and have it printed on fabric and quilt it!