Saturday, December 31, 2011

I'm finally in the "NEWS"!!

I'm the woman whose husband was alledgedly lost under an avalanche of fabrics in the article.  Being, this is my last post for the year 2011 I thought I'd add a little humor by posting this picture of a small wall quilt I am making for my studio. 
The newsprint fabric started it all.  The headline article tells of police reporting to a call from neighbors about this loud noise over at a certain house in the neighborhood.  Well, I'm pretending that's my house they are referring to.   
 I over printed the newsprint fabric with a photo of myself and a drawing of the lady in the red dress sitting at the sewing machine to add interest.  I'm looking forward to finishing it and hanging it.  HAPPY NEW YEAR  to all my blog followers and visitors.


  1. Carol, you left a question on my blog about the track lighting in my studio. I got it at Lowe's about two years ago and I think it is still available.

  2. Thanks Melody. You always come through.

  3. What a cute idea - like the newsprint fabric!