Thursday, December 15, 2011

African Mask Inspired Doodle

I made it back again today.  I don't know how long this blogging spell will last, but I'm intending to share some of my zentangle pieces for a change of pace from my quilts.  Hope you enjoy and or are inspired to boost up your zentangling.  This is a piece done in 2010 as you see in the lower right-hand corner of the scan.  Black and white is always fascinating to me, but I'm in love with color also.  The drawings have a soothing affect on you while you are doing them.  You can relax and forget about almost anything.  I love the serenity that comes along with most art.  Be inspired.


  1. See, I'm seeing all kinds of inspiration...what if you did the zentangle in thread or copy this onto fabric, and some color, or tea-dye it and enlarge it! Wow!

  2. Thanks Karen for your enthusiasm. Some of these pieces I had for a long time. Even longer than last year. I've not yet had an ispiration as to what I really wanted to do with them except keep them with all of my other drawings. Maybe I'll consider one of your suggestions.

  3. What a beautiful mask......... I just love zendoodling myself, so tranquil.