Thursday, February 3, 2011

In the Studio 2011


The top picture is my main fabric storage area.  The long table is raised with bed risers to accomodate my 5 feet 9 inch frame, and to keep from me breaking my back when I'm doing something that requires a lot of standing.  I have added a drop down side on the front of the table that has been padded and covered with flannel.  I use this as a small design wall and flannel board to critique some of my small pieces. 
 On the shelves in the corner are my magazines.  The Quilting Arts magazines I have cataloged in note books in the order of their edition.
The bottom photo depicts my recently made design wall.  I did not know if I were going to put this wall up or not until one day I needed to photograph a large piece.  I'm really glad I did put it up now.  The long cabinet next to it is where I store paints, brushes, clay, fabric marking pens and the like.
I'm currently working on finishing some large utility quilts that have been around for a while.  I just finished the quilt that my guild members gave me blocks for years ago.  I'm now finding borders and backing for a two and one half inch light and dark square quilt.  I have about five or six large quilts that I plan to finish by the grace of God.  Well, I must be getting back to work and away from this computer.

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