Monday, February 28, 2011

The Winner of " Count the Spools" contest

will be announced March 1st .  Remember the count must be no more than 5 over or no less than 5 under.  However, if no one comes within this range,  to insure a  winner I will award the prize to the person guessing the closest amount without going over the total as the winner.  Good Luck, and remember you still have time to guess all day today.  One chance per person please.

Monday, February 7, 2011

You Can Win This Beautiful One Of A Kind Cloth Card

by guessing how many spools are inside the container.   The card can be set on your desk or mantle,or used to send a message using the space provided on the inside.
Just be the first to guess how many spools are in the container within five (5) over or  five (5) under the total amount or the person guessing the closest without going over total.  This is the first of other contest I plan to have this year.  It is a way for me to share some of the many small projects I have on hand and would like to share, so put your thinking cap on and get busy counting.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

In the Studio 2011


The top picture is my main fabric storage area.  The long table is raised with bed risers to accomodate my 5 feet 9 inch frame, and to keep from me breaking my back when I'm doing something that requires a lot of standing.  I have added a drop down side on the front of the table that has been padded and covered with flannel.  I use this as a small design wall and flannel board to critique some of my small pieces. 
 On the shelves in the corner are my magazines.  The Quilting Arts magazines I have cataloged in note books in the order of their edition.
The bottom photo depicts my recently made design wall.  I did not know if I were going to put this wall up or not until one day I needed to photograph a large piece.  I'm really glad I did put it up now.  The long cabinet next to it is where I store paints, brushes, clay, fabric marking pens and the like.
I'm currently working on finishing some large utility quilts that have been around for a while.  I just finished the quilt that my guild members gave me blocks for years ago.  I'm now finding borders and backing for a two and one half inch light and dark square quilt.  I have about five or six large quilts that I plan to finish by the grace of God.  Well, I must be getting back to work and away from this computer.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Black Film Festival 2011

This year the Black Film Festival was held here in San Diego and my cousin Chanel Narcissus a budding young actress and muscian had a role in one of the films.  That's her in the center front as "Ebonica".  The film was "Three Weekends in June".  The film was written and produced by  Martina Evans and directed by Stefan LaToure.  You can order a DVD by e-mailing :  The film was hilarious.  There was a fashion show, red carpet, awards and many other events.
Chanel and her mother Beverly were able to spend five glorious days here with us and the laughing and fun was on. Weeks before the event I was here as busy as I could be trying to finish some quilts that were made years ago.  Some of them were block exchanges and I still have a couple to put together of blocks that were given to me as a gifts.  Just wanted to touch bases with all my blogging friends and to let you all know I'm not off the scene yet, but busy as a bee.  I'm hoping to be painting some fabrics and doing a little low scale batiking.  I will post as I progress a long.
Until next time, PEACE and LOVE.