Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jezebel, Queen Esther and finally

I have gotten Mary of Bethany with her alabaster jar almost done.  After a few beads and the binding sewn into place she is done. 
I made some changes to the queen.  She was just not right.  I thought that one of her eyes were larger than the other.  Can you tell what I did?  I'm still not satisfied with the queen.  I think I will bring her hair somewhat over her left cheek as I have done on the right side.   I am a perfectionist and this does not help when designing.  I am very critical of my work.  This trait is sometimes debilitating, and sometimes helpful. 
I finally found an art supply store that is in the same district where my doctor is and went in to browse yesterday after getting my husband his flu shot.  The store is very nice and they have EVERYTHING.  I finally got the shiva paintsticks I had wanted to purchase.  The problem now is finding the time to experiment with them. I'm looking forward to setting aside some time for this. 
I'm also almost finished with a personal quilt I'm making for myself.  I'ts next to the queen on the table.  Now back to all my unfinished projects that need to be done.


  1. This is nice - is it a series?

    Best, Kyra

    1. Yes, Kyra I'm doing a series of women of the Bible whenever I get back to it. I do a little here and there behind the scenes to get them together. I sold Mary of Bethany back in August. It's so much fun watching each character come to life. Thanks