Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jezebel and Queen Esther

quilts are soon to be finished.  I've been working on these two ladies for a while.  Jezebel is hand painted on fabric that has a small print.  I used luminere paints and hand drew the brick wall and did a faux finish on it.  She is looking out of the palace window just before she is thrown to her death and eaten by dogs as the prophet Elijah prophesied.  She was a very wicked woman.
Queen Esther on the other hand was just the opposite of Jezebel even though they were both queens.  Esther is still in the design stage.   This quilt will depict her just as she goes in to her husband king Ahaserus to plead for the lives of her people. 
The fabric for her skin will be run through the printer to copy her face and the parts of her body that will be shown in the quilt.  Her clothing will be hand painted, then the quilt will have borders added and the quilting begins and who know what else will be done to it.
Mary of Bethany is not shown here, but she is almost done except for the hand quilting and embroidery and maybe some beads.  I will show the finished Mary in my next post.


  1. that Jezebel sure does look like she is up to something ;)

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