Friday, November 26, 2010

Today is Thanksgiving

Yeah, I know yesterday was Thanksgiving, but everyday for me is Thanksgiving.  One thing that I am thankful for is another finished project.  Yes, I finished the last to the journal covers that I was making this year.  I also got some terrific pictures of crows from my yard.  I'm hoping to do another series with the crows since they are so beautiful and photogenic.  The crows, to me are sort of savory characters, and their personality always have been of an interest to me.  I love to see them strut around the yard and that awesome takeoff they do when departing an area where they have been scrounging for food. Here's a few of the photos I took from their last visit and the last batch of journal covers.

Monday, November 15, 2010

"To Everything There is a Season"

This is one of my new pieces that I have included for sale on my website. It is hand painted with luminere metallic paints. The fabrics used are commercial batiks. The flower in the upper left-hand corner was appliqued on by machine. The piece was gently curved and a black and white abstract border was added.  The Scripture for this piece is from:  Ecclestiastes 3:1
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jezebel, Queen Esther and finally

I have gotten Mary of Bethany with her alabaster jar almost done.  After a few beads and the binding sewn into place she is done. 
I made some changes to the queen.  She was just not right.  I thought that one of her eyes were larger than the other.  Can you tell what I did?  I'm still not satisfied with the queen.  I think I will bring her hair somewhat over her left cheek as I have done on the right side.   I am a perfectionist and this does not help when designing.  I am very critical of my work.  This trait is sometimes debilitating, and sometimes helpful. 
I finally found an art supply store that is in the same district where my doctor is and went in to browse yesterday after getting my husband his flu shot.  The store is very nice and they have EVERYTHING.  I finally got the shiva paintsticks I had wanted to purchase.  The problem now is finding the time to experiment with them. I'm looking forward to setting aside some time for this. 
I'm also almost finished with a personal quilt I'm making for myself.  I'ts next to the queen on the table.  Now back to all my unfinished projects that need to be done.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jezebel and Queen Esther

quilts are soon to be finished.  I've been working on these two ladies for a while.  Jezebel is hand painted on fabric that has a small print.  I used luminere paints and hand drew the brick wall and did a faux finish on it.  She is looking out of the palace window just before she is thrown to her death and eaten by dogs as the prophet Elijah prophesied.  She was a very wicked woman.
Queen Esther on the other hand was just the opposite of Jezebel even though they were both queens.  Esther is still in the design stage.   This quilt will depict her just as she goes in to her husband king Ahaserus to plead for the lives of her people. 
The fabric for her skin will be run through the printer to copy her face and the parts of her body that will be shown in the quilt.  Her clothing will be hand painted, then the quilt will have borders added and the quilting begins and who know what else will be done to it.
Mary of Bethany is not shown here, but she is almost done except for the hand quilting and embroidery and maybe some beads.  I will show the finished Mary in my next post.