Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Making Quilts for wheelchair bound

veterans has been another dream of mine that I'm finally going forth with.  Today has been the day of sorting and auditioning fabrics for this endeavor.  I have collected patriotic fabrics for some time now and am now cutting and sewing the pieces together to make the wheelchair sized quilts to be donated to the local Veterans Hospital. I'm not only auditioning patriotic fabrics but hoping to clean out my stash of fabrics I no longer enjoy making into quilts since I have fallen in love with art quilts as my specialty.

Isn't He Adorable

By the way, the other day I had an uninvited guest in my backyard.  The fence on the west side of my house is five feet tall and the east side has a six foot fence.  The north side has a double five foot brick block wall.  I'm still trying to figure out how the poor fellow got into my yard.  He could not find his way out.  He attempted to jump the fence and the wall, but was unable to get himself across.  He was a beautiful bull dog and became agitated when approached.  I had to call animal control who apprehended him and took him away.  He appeared to have been in a fight and his ribs were showing.  I felt really sorry for him.  I asked the officer if they were going to put him to sleep.  The look on her face led me to believe that they may just do that.  I was saddened to think that might happen to him , and I felt a little guilty that I had to have them come and remove him.  But he was aggressive and I could not go into the yard.  I did manage to get some pictures of him.  I thought he might could have been a lovely pet to some family.
I'm including a picture of my visitor and some of the fabrics I pulled from my stash.

Happy Quilting

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm building my first website

and I have been amazed at how not so hard it is.  You notice I did not say "how easy it is".  Well, that is because it was not too easy for me who am quite behind in doing most things others have already done or attempted.
During the course of getting the site up and running I was furiously getting my catalog done at the same time. I had to find all of the quilts that I wanted to post and the ones that were strewn here and there.  I don't mean they were scattered around the house, but I had to find out which bin or box each was in.  It was wonderful, because I found some pieces that I had forgotten all about to an extent.  You know what I mean, you know what you have, but it leaves your mind for a moment and if it turned up totally missing you would know it was gone  So now all the quilts that are finished are all lined up in order with my catalog list and easy to be found.  I now have to make labels for a few, and I'm still working on several to finish.
I guess my sewing machine is wondering what the heck is going on.  I have not sewn one stitch in a few weeks, and to day is the day I plan to let it rip.
Here's one of the quilts posted on the website.  It's one of my small works.  It is hand painted on muslin with luminere paint and machine embroidered, machine pieced and machine quilted.
I have posted a link to my website on this blog, so go by and take a look and let me know what you think.