Friday, June 25, 2010

My girlfriend Alyssa

who lives across the street from me has had me in stitches laughing.  She is a fan of Dora Explorer (hope I got that part right), so I went back to dressmaking for 30 minutes.  I purchased a few inches of this sun dress fabric with Dora on it  and made her a dress for her belated birthday present.  You should have seen her when she  first saw the fabric before I made the dress. She was so excited.  She cried because I had to take it back home to  make the dress.  She is the cutest thing you want to see.  She came over to get her dress and I managed to get these pictures so you can see my little princess girlfriend.  She put it on on top of her  clothes she was wearing and I knew they were not going to get her to take it off .  Guess what?  Her granny says she would not let her mother take it off .  She slept in it and they took it off the next day.  Now don't you think that made my day and my going back to dressmaking for all of 30 minutes was worth while even though I hate making clothes.