Monday, May 31, 2010

"From Rags to Riches"

describes the quilt pictured here.  Back in October 2009 I found this piece of fabric with some of my hand drawn sketches and almost threw it away.  I started for the trash bin when a light went on.   I said to myself " You did a lot of sketching on this piece even though it was only stapled to a table as a cover for pressing other fine art pieces".   I'm a born doodler and just was tempted to sketch on it one day, and continued as time went by to add more and more drawings.
Well, as shown in my October 7, 2009 post it's come a long way baby.  I've done a lot of hand embroidery, some painting and some couching of ribbons along with some crystals in other places.  My almost trash has become a treasure.



  1. very exudes lots of energy. what is the size?

  2. Thanks Carol, for dropping by and leaving your lovely comment!

    Your quilt is beautiful! :)


  3. Hi Carol. Thanks for visiting my blog. I was happy to come over and check out what you're doing. I love the piece you've made out of your doodled drawings! I love fresh, honest work like that! It has some really solid and yet spritely energy!

  4. i know you are glad you didn't throw it away. i love it. your creative juices come back to you to when you delay and come back later.

  5. beautiful work - so glad you didn't throw it out!

  6. Hi carol, I love stories like this! I know that sometimes people think they're worthless, but in God's hands, they're really priceless! Love your colorful quilts- they all speak of a soul filled with gratitude, I think! Patsy from