Monday, May 24, 2010


Some people have "something to say ", and some people just have to say "something".  Well, today I have something to say.  Isn't it wonderful to design, and create anything you want, any way you want.  I find great freedom in my art world, whether its painting, sewing, designing, creating something from nothing or whatever.  Isn't it wonderful to be able to have freedom to make whatever you want without any restrictions.  If it's too long, cut it off.  If it's too short, add some more to it.  If is just plain ugly, spruce it up by adding something beautiful to it.  If it's the wrong color, you can paint it, dye it, or bleach it.  I'm talking about "FREEDOM".  I love freedom that's why I like being my own designer.  I do not like patterns that tell you how long, or how much or what color .  I just like to start with the fabric and cut right into it and start making just what I have in mind.  If it comes out ok, that's ok, but if it does not come out alright that's ok too.  Isn't it wonderful to have this freedom.  Liberation is wonderful.  I remember when I first started making quilts.  It was calicoes, pinks , greens and baby blues.  I never thought at the time that there was more to quilt making than nine patches, triangles, 1/4 inches, lights and darks, squaring up and matching.   WOW!! How good I  felt the day that I realized that there were other colors in the world and that I was not being myself as long as I played that silly copy-cat quilt making game that everyone seemed so excited about.  When I realized that I could not follow someone elses pattern without totally changing almost everything about it I came to realize that I was not a regular quilt maker who follows someone elses patterns but that I was actually a designer.  The pattern game was so restricting to me, besides I realize that I cannot follow instructions.  LOL
One day years ago I saw colors in a whole new way. I had a rude awakening that day.  Color, color, color.   More and more colors.  I'm excited today about color and the freedom to make whatever I want, however I want, and whatever color I want.   WOW!!!


  1. my freedom is that i don't follow the rules. i have never been able to follow pattersn. that is why i do my own thing. when i see something that someone else has done, i don't call it copying, i see it is expanding on what i see from their point of view is. i do it my way and with any color i want to use. not someone elses views. but what i see and how i do it to make it easy for me. so free your mind and your creation will follow.

  2. what a fantastic sermon! and i'm sitting in the amen corner :)