Tuesday, April 13, 2010

(RUNAWAY SEWING MACHINE) Not a Toyota, Not a Lexus, Not made in Japan

I was just sewing away and decided to make a stop and the machine just kept on sewing.  After several tries I found that something was very much wrong.  It would sew and stop as it should from time to time, but sometimes it would refuse to stop.  If I took my foot off the pedal it kept on sewing.  However, if I put my foot back on the( accelerator) it would stop sewing as it should have when I first removed my foot from the pedal.  Not like the consumers in the runaway vehicles I was much safer as long as I did not keep my hand in the wrong place. 
My dealer gave me a new pedal at no cost and said he would just send that one back to the company.  He said he had never in all his years encountered an experience as this one.  What is a consumer to do?  We pay good money for what we think is a good product just to find that they are sometimes no better than the cheaper model.