Sunday, March 14, 2010


New Homemade Table 
Curtains To Match Sofa

Hello, I'm back.  And so soon.  I started this morning with a banana and a cup of tea, with the intention of going back to bed.  I leaped back in bed and began to read my scriptures for today, and a little meditating.  Guess what, I slept so well last night that I could not stay under the covers. 
I got up put on the crock pot and finished my dinner, and back to my new sewing table.  I think in the back of my mind that was what convinced me that I was not sleepy and had to finish my project so I can get back to my sewing.  Well, here is the first rough draft of my new soon to be beautiful table.  The extension on the second image is the one that came with my 6600 but was not nearly enough for me to have all the fun I plan to have with all of my new space.
I'm not bragging just praising God for wisdom to accomplish the things I envision.  He said in His word, that if any man lack wisdom that he should ask of Him and that he giveth liberal to those who ask.  Praise God!
James 1:5


  1. Hi Carol.
    You are my kind of woman. I love that table and I get that you lie in bed designing it. Is there a better place to conjure up ideas? (other than the shower...I am so creative there I sometimes forget if I washed my hair or not).
    So did you saw this wood outdoors or what?

  2. Yes, Melody
    My best ideas do come while in bed.
    The large pieces of wood were cut by Home Depot where I purchased my wood, and they didn't even charge me for all the extra cuts.
    I cut the trim with my miter say and skil saw. I married a desk and an old sewing machine table. I even have enough wood left to build a 7'X 2' table in the near future.