Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Quilt has spoken

and I'm inclined to do as it dictated.  I stretched it out on the table, measured and straightened it,and it measures 40.5 X 54.5.  It has been bound with black and hung for photographing.   

Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm stuck like I have never been

stuck before.  Here's the problem, my quilt just will not tell how it wants to be finished.  This quilt has been my worse quilt to finish.  I'm stuck with  what color to do the binding, whether to bind or not, how to straighten,or not to straighten.  I've slept on it for a few nights and am stuck.  Does any one have any suggestions?
This photo shows the quilt  hanging on its side.  The top photo is the way it was designed to hang.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Building is Over ( for now)

Here's the finished sewing machine table.  It's been sanded stained, and the polyurethane has had its 24 hrs. and more to dry.  Since I had gardening to do also there was an unwanted delay in getting to try out my new" ROLLS ROYCE" sewing table.  However, I enjoyed my gardening and forgot all about sewing once I engaged in filling my new rasised garden bed with soil so I can plant a few vegetables, and adding some extra plants to existing pots.
The raised bed was made with cedar fencing and stakes, chicken wire for the bottom so the gophers cannot get to my "STUFF".   Well, you know where I'll  be for the next few weeks, yeah, in the backyard, or at my new sewing center.   I now realize that my eyes don't like to sew that much at night, so I'm planning to clean house and do all the meager chores at night, so I can have all of this new daylight savings time put to good use at my sewing machine.
I picked up a basket of drunkards path blocks and am finishing them after a few years.   I only have about ten more blocks to sew in the curved piece.  HOORAH!   I hope to get better on keeping up with all my projects from now on.  I do have another piece of wood to build another table in the near future and a shelf in the garage.  I'm having so much fun improving my new studio.  Happy sewing to all my friends out there.
Let's put the pedal to the metal.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


New Homemade Table 
Curtains To Match Sofa

Hello, I'm back.  And so soon.  I started this morning with a banana and a cup of tea, with the intention of going back to bed.  I leaped back in bed and began to read my scriptures for today, and a little meditating.  Guess what, I slept so well last night that I could not stay under the covers. 
I got up put on the crock pot and finished my dinner, and back to my new sewing table.  I think in the back of my mind that was what convinced me that I was not sleepy and had to finish my project so I can get back to my sewing.  Well, here is the first rough draft of my new soon to be beautiful table.  The extension on the second image is the one that came with my 6600 but was not nearly enough for me to have all the fun I plan to have with all of my new space.
I'm not bragging just praising God for wisdom to accomplish the things I envision.  He said in His word, that if any man lack wisdom that he should ask of Him and that he giveth liberal to those who ask.  Praise God!
James 1:5

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lazy Blogger Watching Butterflies, and flowers

I've been busy watching and photographing a little nature that is dear to my heart.  I have also been building, gardening, cleaning , rearranging and lazy when it came time to post on my blog.  The days  here have been wonderful for working out of doors or indoors.  Just the right climate for almost any thing.
  The monarch butterflies have found glory in my flowers and in the orange and lemon trees that are blossoming at this time.  We haven't been able to collect all of the crop from last year and really needing to do it so the new  fruit can develop and become hardy.  The hibiscus bush in the front has been blooming all the winter.  Sometimes the flowers span 4 to 5 inches.
  I'm still working on my studio.  I've made a lot of progress bringing all the fabrics in and all of my suupplies are almost out of the closets.  Now where all these things are going is another dilema for me.  I have put in 3 storage space cabinets (just small ones) and I still do not have everything put away.  I wanted a sewing table that would allow my sewing machine to be flush with it, but refused to pay a grand or more for one. I'm
one stingy woman, but my husband says I'm just  frugal.  I am now known as" Carol the builder".  I've built my three work tables with design space included and my latest creation is my new sewing table.  I took a desk and a foldup sewing machine table and built my table around it.  Today I added the stain, and tomorrow I will polyurethane the first coat.  I cant' wait because I do not have another table to sew on.  This has taken me all of almost two weeks.  I had no professional plans.  I lay in bed and figure out how to build just what I want the way I want it.  Will post the pictures of  both my  new raised flower bed that I built and the new sewing table in a couple of days.