Monday, February 8, 2010

Moving Right Along

In the midst of rearranging and organizing I'm still pulling out my UFO'S to try and finish all my projects.  Wish me luck.  I have a designated closet for all finished projects that are hanging and there is not much room left either.  This piece has been hanging around for some time now and I'm just putting on the table cloth and  deciding on borders.  This is one of my original designs that is needle turned applique.  It has been a lot of work.  I have found that the DMC embroidery floss has all of the colors needed for such a project and the thread is color fast and strong.

I've even found time to try out my new bread machine.  Since I am gluten intolerant I had to find a machine with a program for gluten-free bread and this one does it.  It is a big loaf of bread and is was good.  As good as bread can get and be made without wheat.  There is tapioca flour, rice flour, soy flour, potato starch flour, xanthan gum, yeast and some other things.  Whew, what a list for bread.  I paid over $20.00 for flour.  Can you imagine everytime you want a slice of bread having to make it yourself.  My son in Virginia talked bad about it when he saw this picture.  He said it looked like it was made in 1716. The nerve of him.

I'm going to be getting back to putting my studio together.  I'm in the process of looking for cabinets with doors to house all of my fabric in the same place.  I have a hall closet that is a little ways away and I'm tired of going back and forth trying to match something so I'm searching for cabinets that will not break the bank but does not look like junk either.

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  1. carol, i had to put my breadmaker in the closet. everytime family came over they want me to make some bread. they loved my cheese bread. i still have coworker asking me when i am going to make some bread. i am not even going to go near that closet. good luck in making some more.