Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'm Back in my New Studio

And, I'm back in the groove. My studio is almost set up the way I want to work. I have set up a lot and still trying to make things better and more accessible to the task that be at hand. It has been hard to try and get things back in some ways the way they were, but I'm hoping that things will be set up much better. I finished the fireplace display wall, along with the sit, relax, or hand sewing area. My media area is back for the exception of a few changes I plan to make.
Last night I even worked on a piece that has been here for a while and only needing a few details to finish.
I'm almost finished painting my flower floor cloth, except for a few minor details and the background.
Here's how the studio is coming.
I must be getting back to organizing and will try and post again next week with pictures of what I have been doing.