Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Quilts, Quilts, and more Quilts

The first piece here was drawn by a 13 year old child from Ghana. It's all finished, but I could not find the picture of t he completed piece, none the less, you get the idea. There are jewels on the tu-tu's on the female. When I find the picture I will post it.

These two pieces show the completed quilt and the lone panel before framed. The panel was purchased from an African woman from Ghana. When I started
this post I was going to tell you all about the crazy things that has transpired here, but decided to make that secondary to my post. Had internet trouble last week. Could not get online. That is fixed. The mold is gone. My studio floor is finished, but not without problems. The tiles are obviously from several dye lots, and now I'm in a fight with Home Depot and Armstrong.
I have hung in my storage closet about 50 finished quilts, and have taken out several to finish.
I just cannot seem to get to the sewing machine now that it is fully accessible. I think there was something about manuevering to get to it before that drove me to it. Gotta get motivated again, and realize that it may not be over yet, since I would like a new floor in the studio. I'm putting it back together again and thinking that I may have to take it a part again. Well, I'm tired now and the thought of fixing dinner is something that I really am not looking forward to.
Hope to be more consistent with my posting in the future for I have found that the longer I wait the more I have to say and the longer it takes to get caught up to the moment.

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  1. hang in there girl, i know you will get to the sewing machine. some idea's will be popping in that head in know time. love u.