Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Two steps forward, Three steps backwards

If it ain't one thing it's another.
My new floors are in, but the refrigerator caused damage to my studio floor. We pulled all the flooring and underlayment out and purchased new flooring. When removing the baseboards we discovered mold. Yes, I said mold. I have angioedema and am highly allergic to this substance, but God has been good to me. I have not had a reaction. The mold is in the corner where my tv and sofa was. This was my favorite spot next to the sewing machine area.
Had to call insurance again for the floor and the mold. They do not cover the mold, so I guess you know who has to pay. Yeah, me.
To make a long story short I'm outside my studio looking in, however, they contained the damaged area with a plastic enclosure, so I can still get to the sewing machine and my computer.
I've been drawing out some new designs to day, as if I don't already have more than enough already waiting to be put together.
The quilt I'm posting has been finished with borders but I don't have a picture of it yet, so I'm posting it as a UFO. It has already found a new home and owner. I thought this one was appropriate since it kind of smiles at you.


  1. girl, i just love it, love it. no matter what you make i always love it. be careful with that mold stuff, i hear it is some bad stuff. my sister's inlaw had to move out of their house for months. the entire family got sick. they are getting a lawyer because the house was built new.

  2. you need to teach me how to keep stitching in spite of it all...i have something good going on that i'll announce in a few weeks but unfortunately none of it involves stitching!