Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving for some is tomorrow,

but for me Thanksgiving is everyday. I thank God for my new life in Christ. For giving me the mind and the will to do of His good pleasure. I thank God for life, health, and strength each day. I thank Him for my wonderful husband who thinks I am a queen. I thank God for good relationships with my two sons. I also thank God for putting my home back together better than it was before the water damage with very little out-of- pocket expense. I thank Him for so many things it would take forever for me to tell it all. Here's wishing each of you a wonderful Thanksgiving Day on tomorrow and admonish you all to be thankful each day because if we take a good look at our lives we can find a lot to be thankful for. In everything give thanks for this is the will of God.....

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  1. Hi Carol...thank you for the joy induced reading! Love this post...g'night!