Sunday, August 30, 2009


Unfinished Scrap Quilts

On yesterday I worked on some hand embroidery on a long forgotten piece. I'm trying to play catchup since losing so much time setting appointments, waiting for contractors, picking out flooring, mouldings, paint, etc.
I'm so BEHIND it's discouraging. I've decided within myself that due to the unusual heat here in San Diego last week, I may have some kind of lame excuse.
Well, forget the excuses. I'm going on from where I am today"BEHIND", and continue to perservere and work on completing one UFO a day as planned.
I realized one thing while pondering where I am, where I'm going, and where I want to be, and that is that I must complete something while also working on some or one of the others, otherwise I will never complete anything.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Miriam Praises God

Here's another finished UFO. Let me introduce you to "Miriam", another one of my interpretations of the women of the Bible. The same story that went with the previous "Miriam" goes with this quilt. I used a "fussy cut " from this wonderful fabric I found . It's an allover of these beautiful black women. I quilted it, added the tambourine, beads at the top and hand quilted in very fine echo stitching all aroung the motif. What fun I had and the hand sewing is very therapeutic. To read what is written on either side at the bottom of the quilt in the orange area go to Exodus 2:3-9 , Micah 6:4, and Exodus 15:21.
I'm going back through my new issue of "Quilting Arts Magazine" the June/July issue and there is this wonderful article titled "Quilt then Paint" by Sue Kelly. Her quilts are very beautiful and she uses the same technique I did for the last "Miriam" quilt. She uses "Shiva Paintsticks" instead of liquid fabric paints. The paintsticks are very beautiful on fabric . You can buy them in irredescent or matte finish. They are a must have for art quilts. Well, I guess I should be about the chores of the day and maybe work on another "UFO".